Bountiful Hope Education Center

While we await the construction of the Bountiful Hope Education Center later in 2014/2015, we are working on a couple of important components to make it more comfortable and efficient at the garden for the 2014 growing season.


  • On target to drill in March 2014
  • Total cost for the well and the pump/pressure system will be approximately $8,762.
  • We welcome the financial support of the community to help get this well system installed.  
  • The well is the single most important way we can increase our donations.  Over the years, our crop yields have been greatly impacted by inconsistent rainfall and drought.  As we expand the garden this year, it isn't feasible to continue with manual watering any longer.  Our estimate is that with consistent drip system watering, we will increase our production by 25% (approximately 700-1000 pound increase).


In October 2013, we were pleased to finally have electricity at the garden. This will help in many ways, but most importantly, it will be amazing to have electricity for Bountipalooza in October 2014.


Starting approximately October 2014, the Bountiful Hope Garden gets a new look with the construction of the Bountiful Hope Education Center.  The Education Center helps the community in the following ways:

  • Increases the quality of donations by allowing harvest at the height of freshness
  • Increases cleanliness and appeal of the donation with vegetable washing
  • Increases the egg donation with storage and washing capacity
  • Offers educational opportunities with in-garden workshops for adults and children
  • Improves volunteer and intern training and comfort
  • Creates new volunteer opportunities
  • Increases production with greater germination predictability

The Education Center will house the following:

  • A Multi-purpose room for meetings, education, training, and events
  • Vegetable washing station
  • Egg washing station
  • Underground walk-in storage units for veggies
  • Refrigeration for eggs
  • Training kitchen for canning and cooking classes
  • Germination chamber

Bountiful Hope welcomes community support for this project with financial and in-kind donations.

Please contact Melissa Burch at to learn more about how you can help create the Bountiful Hope Education Center.  Interested in donating? Donations can be sent to the address on the information tab.  Thanks for your support!


Education Center Construction

Construction Estimates

Site excavation


Foundation and concrete




Electricity – initial service to garden


Building Construction


Permits and Driveway Creation




Interior electric wiring and lighting


Interior work – insulation, dry wall


Kitchen, egg and vegetable processing equipment


Interior lighting




Driveway - gravel


Total – estimate